DIREKTweightsystem IoT

The DIREKTweighingsystem is an intelligent extension of the Dresselhaus DIREKT solutions. The wireless and autonomous devices can be quickly and easily integrated into existing processes

Your added value

  • Level monitoring (incl. alarms) 
  • Temperature control for critical items 
  • Battery-powered with years of range 
  • Long-range radio encrypted 
  • Real-time inventory (daily actual stock monitoring, accurate to a few grams) 
  • Integratability of cross-range products (foreign parts) 
  • No physical checkpoints (no readers, gates, etc.) 
  • No manual triggering required 
  • No operation of touchscreens, scanners or buttons 
  • No local IT integration

DIREKTweightsystem IoT - large

DIREKTweighingsystem large - Your added value

  • Space for pallet truck forks
  • Can also be used in high racks
  • Load capacity: up to 1.5 tons

DIREKTweightsystem IoT - small

DIREKTweighingsystem small - Your added value

  • Minimal space requirement 
  • Variably large storage space by linking several weighing units 
  • Load capacity: up to 40 kg

DIREKTweightsystem IoT - The Digital Cockpit

The DIREKTweighingsystem provides a prepared gateway with wireless data transmission to the cloud. 

Your added value

>> Encrypted communication with the cloud 
>> Triggering of alarms via reorder point in the cloud 
>> Data interfaces available for our IT system 
>> Wide range of functions: Capture geospatial data, minimum and maximum inventory levels, and inventory reports via email, cost center allocation of storage bins, and more


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