Demand transmission: Falling below a predefined weight automatically triggers an order in the DIREKTportal

Your added value

  • The DIREKTweight scale manages box stocks fully automatically and autonomously 
  • Integrated LED display provides information on the status of the ordering and delivery process 
  • Variable location selection in the DIREKTunit
  • Replenishment quantities can be defined individually for each transponder 
  • Article integration in existing systems possible 
  • Simple integration into your logistics processes


Demand transmission: Pressing a button integrated in the RFID system

Your added value

  • Flexible, unwired attachment options in production or assembly 
  • Transmission of a defined EAN code to the Dresselhaus portal 
  • Simple handling, pressed = ordered 
  • Applicable for articles that do not fit into a DIREKTbin (e.g. threaded rods and other consumables and auxiliary materials) 
  • Automatic order generation 
  • Order quantity around Ordering rhythms can be individually defined


Demand transmission: Scanning using the DIREKTglove

Your added value

  • Scanner in the glove is linked to a mobile reader system 
  • The information on the DIREKTlabels is read out with each hand movement - triggering an order and registering individual production steps 
  • Support for manual activities in the area of warehouse management, production and logistics, such as goods picking

DIREKTscanner mobile

Demand transmission: Scanning via our exclusive Dresselhaus Device

Your added value

  • Easy handling 
  • Useful for irregular requirements or bulky items


Demand transmission: Scanning via rugged RFID-enabled mobile computer

Your added value

  • Powerful processor 
  • with 8000 mAh battery 
  • Scans at long distances of up to 20 m 
  • Scans up to 200 DIREKTlabels almost simultaneously

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