DIREKTbin and DIREKTlabel

We provide DIREKTbins in different sizes. Each bin has a DIREKTlabel, which in turn contains the RFID transponder. Here, information is stored and evaluated without contact using appropriate readers.

DIREKTbin – your added value

  • Captive,  robust flap 
  • Visibility of label despite open flap 
  • Antistatic, thus dirt-repellent 
  • Stackable / washable


DIREKTlabel – your added value

  • Batches traceable 
  • Clearly arranged and structured at the front of the shelf 
  • Integrated RFID transponder 
  • Can be printed on both sides 
  • Optional: with warehouse and geo-coordinates 
  • Optional: with your internal material numbers


The DIREKTbins find their place in the DIREKTunit - they are the basis of your RFID station.


  • Height:      2,15 m
  • Width:       1,10 m
  • Depth:       0,80 m



  • 126 DIREKTbins  on up to seven units
  • 42 different items per shelf meter
  • Load capacity: 400 kg per shelf


Your added value

  • Possible inclination of the shelves for direct viewing and easy access 
  • With integrated viewing rails for optimal readability in the lower shelves
  • Shelf toppers with individual branding possible

DIREKTunit flex

Dresselhaus DIREKT's most flexible solution moves directly to where C-parts are needed - the heart of your production. Our mobile value-added solution for the logistics of the last meter.


  • Height:      1,70 m
  • Width:     1,20 m
  • Depth:       0,70 m



  • Up to 112 DIREKTbins
  • 56 boxes each front and back 
  • With six to eight shelves 
  • Load capacity: two to five kg per shelf 

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