Electrical Parts

Dresselhaus is known as one of the most important distributors for fixing technology and fasteners. But we also have an extensive portfolio in the area of electrical parts. We have been supplying important players in the IAM (independent aftermarket), agricultural machine construction or automotive industry with small electrical parts for many years.

Insulated Cable lugs and Connectors

Our insulated cable lugs and connectors have a widened insulation sleeve with introduction funnel ("easy-entry") in order to introduce the conductor into the cable lug more easily, and without interfering edge. This is a great advantage, particularly for multi-core and finely-stranded conductors. Thus, additional insulation, e.g. with a shrink hose, is not required. The insulated cable lugs and connectors are processed with crimping pliers.

Insulated and uninsulated wire end ferrules

Wire end ferrules can be used to protect the stripped ends of stranded leads, so that they can be connected in terminals without damaging the individual wires. The wire end ferrules are subject to DIN 46228/1.

Vehicle Fuses

Standard MINI and MAXI blade fuses are predominantly used in the fuse systems of the automobile electrics. In this regard, there is a distinction between the widely-used standard version (up to 40 A available), the large-format MAXI blade fuse for the high-voltage area (up to 80 A) and the small format MINI blade fuse for fusing of individual consumers (up to max. 30 A). All blade fuses are characterised by a compact design and easy handling. More and more, the mini plug-in fuse (low-profile mini fuse) is being used due to space conditions; Dresselhaus also provides this fuse in the product range.

Also in the Dresselhaus portfolio: Block fuses for Japanese vehicles, glass fuses, safety fuses, strip fuses and the appropriate fuse holders, as well as vehicle cables in accordance with the most important standards.


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