Kanban - Dresselhaus DIREKT

Consulting, configuration and installation of the optimal logistics solution are fixed components of our Kanban service package, "Dresselhaus DIREKT". We accompany you from selection to configuration and implementation, extending to integration of your existing stocks!

The Kanban Principle

After a Kanban container has been emptied in production it is scanned and the data is transmitted directly to Dresselhaus ERP. We ensure replenishment picking and deliver the new C-parts punctually within the agreed time window. In this process we separate the delivery by delivery railway station so that we can quickly distribute to the respective production areas. We take back the empty containers. You can call up the current data or statistics at any time in the Dresselhaus Portal.

Your advantages:

  • Clearly organised and orderly stockkeeping
  • Distributed solutions extending to the assembly stations are possible
  • Order adaptation based on actual consumption
  • Kanban online reporting tool (access via Internet)
  • Full service or partial service
  • Packaged or loose filling in the container
  • Process costs savings, reduction in stock
  • Inventory facilitation: All data can be displayed on the container label as barcode for scanning and for goods receipt posting


Our mature supply concept for screws, nuts & more.


Individual tailor-made fixing technology and fasteners


Our experts ensure an efficient data exchange


With our modern RFID-system a reader recognizes the Kanban-containers with a passive RFID transponder and transmits the data to the Dresselhaus ERP. This optimizes and speeds up the order processes so the delivery of replenishments will reach you even faster. The Kanban-systems work autarkic and are implementable without further customer requirements.

The Middleware distinguishes between different suppliers. So additional suppliers can be integrated easily and regardless of logistical follow-up process.

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