Committed to social projects. A €5,000 donation towards training as a qualified U-3 assistant

Harsewinkel-based CLAAS KGaA mbH and Herford-based Dresselhaus GmbH & Co. KG recently presented a €5,000 cheque to the Minden-Ravensberg-Lippe Catholic Children’s daycare centre (Katholische Kindertageseinrichtungen Minden-Ravensberg-Lippe gem. GmbH).

This cheque will go towards training staff as qualified U-3 assistants (early infant education and upbringing). At the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to become certified U-3 assistants. As the Managing Director of the Minden-Ravensberg-Lippe Catholic Children’s daycare centre Franz-Josef Oebbeke stated,

“For us, this €5,000.00 means that we can continue to develop U-3 provision with qualified staff at the Minden-Ravensberg-Lippe Catholic Children’s daycare centre. Especially when we are in the starting phases of setting the company up, this donation is a big help for us in order for us to compete with other providers in the field of U-3 development.
We would like to use the donation to finance the share that had to be met from the staff”.

Axel Türke, Marketing and Distribution Manager at Dresselhaus GmbH & Co KG stressed the importance of this donation:
The training and further education of children should start as soon as possible so that learning comes easier at school and on the job. Education needs to be supported in our country and with this commitment, this is something that CLAAS and Dresselhaus want to sustainably provide evidence of.”

Photo from left.: Mrs. Gausepohl (CLAAS), Mr. Türke (Dresselhaus), Mr. Oebbeke (KITA Minden-Ravensberg-Lippe), Mr. Lotz (CLAAS)