Dresselhaus applies EU Building Product Ordinance

Important notes for your company:

Since 1st July 2013 the new EU Building Product Ordinance is legally-binding and herewith completely supplants the building product directive applicable since 1989 (89/106EWG).

Dresselhaus reacted immediately to the new ordinance of the European Parliament and therefore is best prepared to meet the requirements of the new EU Building Product Ordinance (BauPVO).

This means for you as a customer that you, effective immediately on request and after prior test, are capable of ordering all necessary Dresselhaus products which must correspond to the requirements of the EU Building Product Ordinance with CE Identification.

Please note that Hexagon head wood screws (DIN 571) should not be CE marked according to DIN EN 14592 because they do not fulfil the essential requirements. Within the scope of application of the valid DIN 571 the use in timber structures for load-bearing purposes is excluded.

Important note for your orders:

With your order, please ensure that you refer clearly to CE Identification! Please consider that only for supporting connections (timber construction work) and in case of planned and non-planned pre-stressed connections (for the metal structure), the CE Identification is required.

The CE Identification for these products was already required before date 01.07.2013 according to the old building product directive (BPR), and has not been changed by the new Building Product Ordinance (Construction PVO)!

Why is a CE Identification so important?

From a legal standpoint, the manufacturer or his authorized agent is responsible for the attachment of the CE Identification. Products which are definitive for the meeting of significant requirements on construction must be provided with the CE mark.

Therefore ensure the CE Identification is attached on the building product, the packaging or the accompanying documents.

With the CE Identification, the manufacturer takes over responsibility for the declared performance of the building product.

Declaration of Performance

The manufacturer presents a Declaration of Performance (DoP) if there is a harmonized European standard or a European technical evaluation existing for the building product. With the Declaration of Performance, the manufacturer takes over responsibility for the agreement of the building product with the declared performance with respect to significant features. These are stipulated in Appendix ZA of the harmonized technical specification.

The declaration of performance for construction products with CE marking is available for download on our homepage under the menu DoP.

As well as the processed media information, our expert vendors are available to you as personal points of contact.

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You can find the complete Building Product Ordinance under the following link:


On the home page you can find additional extensive technical information on the subject of the Building Product Ordinance.