The PLM system

What does PLM really mean?

PLM stands for ‘Product Lifecycle Management.’

Structured data management
is guaranteed through the use of a PLM system. A key advantage is an optimisation in the traceability of documents and the simultaneous exchanging of data with customers.

Data exchange is quicker and more secure. The processing time is also considerably shortened.

Developments, drawings, 3-D implementations and many other things can be looked at in greater detail by customers and they can also be jointly designed and/or worked on online.

Documented archiving and the tracking of changes are key quality features of the PLM system.

Data is uploaded and drawings are exchanged as a 2D or 3D format.

The acquisition of the PLM system points the way ahead for the company and once again underlines the fact that Dresselhaus is always keen to invest in building a good partnership with customers.