Philosophy and management policies

Ever higher requirements set new benchmarks in terms of service and product quality. Dresselhaus sees this challenge as a big opportunity to successfully develop market position and competitiveness.

Dresselhaus’ management policies are customer, employee and process oriented.

Good quality and economic, on-time delivery
are just some of Dresselhaus’ most important objectives.

All management decisions are based around optimum quality with due consideration paid to environmental impacts as well as environmental and occupational health and safety legislation.

In order that the quality that attached to our products and services also has a firm footing in future operations, an integrated, documented management system has been set up, based on:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Occupational health and safety

The interlocking role and functionality of these elements secures the permanent and successful continuation of Dresselhaus into the future.

The Dresselhaus management system is certified in accordance with the following standards and guidelines:

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
VDA 6.2
DIN EN ISO 14001
Occupational health and safety

Dresselhaus has integrated its suppliers into the management system. This is because the quality and reliability it provides are factors which guarantee customer satisfaction.

In order to assure product quality, the integrated suppliers have high-capacity and effective Quality Management and Quality Assurance systems.

The products received by Dresselhaus are also subjected to random testing which is supported by our CAQ – system that is linked to the goods management system.

In order to satisfy needs and meet quality requirements, Dresselhaus operates at maximum capacity. This creates trust and is the basis for long term cooperation.