E-Purchasing Dresselhaus GmbH & Co. KG

Take part of the electronic data exchange, become slimmer and more efficient in your processes.

Electronic data interchange replaces the time- and cost-intensive data transmission in paper form with all the scope for errors that entails.

Secure connections

Reliable transfer media and controlled transmission protocols make the data transfer with Dresselhaus safe.

Data format EDIFACT and VDA

These common data formats for the transmission is a matter of course for us.

For the data exchange of EDI-messages we use the following transmission paths: FTP, OFTP, X400 (Telebox) and e-Mail.

You will receive from us electronic orders (ORDERS) and order changes (ORDCHG). You send us your order confirmations (ORDRSP), send notification of your receipt of goods, accelerate the receipt of goods by us (DESADV) and receive credit notes from us respectively send us your invoice (INVOIC).

To the test system

In order to use the benefits of EDI, please contact our EDI-team. We work closely with you to create your individual requirements profile. After this process of coordination you can use all the possibilities of EDI.