Hardware supply system


Together with customers, Dresselhaus develops tailored solutions which consist of the following components:


As a rule, the calculation of the bays that are required is based on the shelf that is mapped. The shelf consists of 8 angular bottoms and depending on the container size, it offers space for 35 to 50 different articles based on a classic 2 container system. The containers are protected by side rails.

As an option, the shelves can also be equipped with label bars.


In order to meet the demand optimally, there are 5 container sizes (green) to choose from. The use of differently coloured containers is available as an option. Through this, for example, groups of articles or consumers can be differentiated easier.


Alternatively, there are also other containers available:








When it comes to recording containers, Dresselhaus offers another innovation in addition to the classical options. The technology that has been newly employed acts as both a mobile phone, barcode scanner and e-mail client.

Containers are scanned and the data that is established is sent by e-mail to Dresselhaus. The data is then recorded by the goods management system and established as orders. The system works completely independently from the respective IT infrastructure that is used by the customer.



In order to schedule for demand or one off peak demands, the scanner panel is used.

With this clearly arranged wall it is possible to make articles that are not frequently used visible for further logistics.



Dresselhaus designs container labels according to individual customer requirements.








Alternatively, labels can also be printed to reflect the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.) standard.