Dresselhaus – Product diversity and one stop delivery service

In what areas of business are Dresselhaus products used?

  Moscow airport     Furniture industry

Dresselhaus is one of the largest suppliers of  screws and fastenings in Europe.
As an internationally active company, Dresselhaus GmbH & Co. KG is a popular and reliable business associate for the automobile industry, DIY centres, ironmongers, the electrical trade, craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, the wood processing industry, the vehicle parts industry, the agricultural machine industry, engineering, the metal processing industry, the furniture industry, commercial vehicle construction and many other sectors.

 An important part of the metal processing industry is C -part management. With the Dresselhaus DIREKT supply service goods are supplied to the designated stations in order to satisfy the demand.

  Agricultural machine industry

The outstanding products and services from Dresselhaus are not just valued there, but in the furniture and wood processing industry as well.


How flexible are the products and the applications?

Dresselhaus is well known for flexibly implementing customer needs and realising well thought out solutions, whatever the task. 

For example, in the product portfolio, apart from screws and metal fittings, we also offer and deliver complete installation sets for flat pack furniture.


How does Dresselhaus traders?

As a business associate, Dresselhaus offers a wide range of products with an attractive presentation of the goods at the point of sale. Container sizes that reflect consumer demand and a uniform packaging system allow traders – from ironmongers, vehicle parts dealers and electrical dealers through to DIY retailers – to address the various groups of customers.

The well thought out shelving systems win users over as a result of a clearly arranged, colour coded system – something that allows customers to quickly reach the product they need. The shelving systems can be individually adapted to reflect the necessary specifications on site. 

A summary of the sectors that are supplied

  • Automobile industry
  • DIY stores
  • Ironmongers
  • Electrical dealers
  • Craftsmen
  • DIY enthusiasts
  • Wood processing industry
  • Vehicle parts industry / dealers
  • Agricultural machine industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Metal processing industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Commercial vehicle construction
  • Steel industry