A strengthened future with a firm foundation


1950 Joseph Dresselhaus founded the sole proprietorship ‘Joseph Dresselhaus’ in Bielefeld. In the three following decades he built the company up to become one of the most important suppliers to the furniture industry, ironmongers, manufacturers of agricultural equipment and engineers.
1957 The new office and warehouse buildings in Bielefeld were occupied in the Ziegelstraße. New addition of the steel screw warehouse range (8.8 quality). Dresselhaus supplies to clients abroad. The Sünkel picking warehouse in Sonnefeld is established.
1959 Market entry of the JD-59 chipboard screws in their own packaging.
1960 u.1970  Expansion and development of the building in Ziegelstraße
1967 Initial introduction of the ABC-Spax chipboard screws for the wood industry.
1972 Acquisition of Hermann Hahn GmbH (Bückeburg), Münchener Schraubenhandel KG (Munich) and Nuremburg and Siegfried von Streit in Augsburg.
1975 Expansion of the range to include ‘furniture hardware’.
1976 Introduction of electronic data processing (IT).
1977 The management function is taken on by Heinrich Dresselhaus and the company is converted into a limited partnership (KG).
1979 Foundation of ‘Stuttgarter Schraubenhandel KG’, Remshalden
1981 Inauguration of the new Münchener Schraubenhandel building in Schwabach
1983 Foundation of the Dresselhaus KG screw warehouse in Hamburg.
1985 Incorporation of the DIY store range under the name ‘Dresselhaus systems’.
1987 Inauguration of the new Münchener Schraubenhandel building in Maisach.
1989 Opening of the ‘Dresselhaus Packing’ operation in Bad Lippspringe
1992 Opening of a supply warehouse in Poland and a sales office in Dresden.
1993 Inauguration of the new Stuttgarter Schraubenhandel building in Urbach.
1994 The centralised administration and logistics centres start working in the newly established warehouse and office buildings in Herford-Diebrock. Market introduction of 3 K® application technology. Dresselhaus becomes a licence holder.
1995 Opening of a sales office in Berlin
1996 The company is awarded Quality Management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9002.
1998 The company’s legal form is changed to become a company with limited liability & a limited partnership ‘GmbH & Co. KG’
2000 50 year anniversary
2004 Relocation of the ‘Dresselhaus Packing’ operation to Enger.
2007 A representation was set up in Russia
2008 Foundation of Dresselhaus Cetin in Turkey
2011 Foundation of Dresselhaus France SARL in France
2011 Relocation of the ‘Dresselhaus Packing’ operation from Enger to Herford-Elverdissen